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Jack Roux






---- From  
Jack Roux





























Jack Roux on the Web

Recording Artist - Jack Roux

Jack's last name "Roux"  Pronunciation:  ' ru  OR  rue

Jack Roux  =  Singer  *  Songwriter  *  Musician  *  Recording Artist  *  Wine Producer  *  ...Evangelist  *  ...& so much more...

*** Don't ever miss the chance to talk with Jack in person.  You can't imagine the Love this man has deep within his heart.

M u s i c   CD's
Jack's music styles consist of:  Country, rock-n-roll, blues, hip-hop/pop, novelty/funny, salsa, and gospel music.


H a v e   I   T o l d   Y o u

(1) Opening This Door
(2) Have I Told You
(3) Needing No Encore
(4) Just Makes Me Feel
(5) Tell Me Tell Me (You're My Baby)
(6) What You Mean To Me
(7) The Rat Set Up Its Kingdom Here
(8) Situation Right There
(9) Warm At Night
(10) Me & You Are Party Bound
(11) Not All Things Stay Th Same
(12) Sing An Shout Hallelujah

This   Loving   Heart   Of   Mine

(1) Ghost Floatin' Around My Head
(2) Dreaming Of You
(3) Know What I Mean
(4) Pinned Down By Your Hog
(5) This Loving Heart Of Mine
(6) Never Thinkin' Of Me
(7) I'll Be There For You
(8) If You Can't Move It Over
(9) Don't Like It Like That
(10) Strange Things Hangin' Round Me
(11) Move-A-Long
(12) Would You Travel With Me

C r y s t a l   B a l l

(1) Genie Popped Out Of The Bottle
(2) Are You The One
(3) Just the Little Things
(4) Crystal Ball (I Need You)
(5) Blue Blue Lonesome
(6) Want You I Need You (I Love You)
(7) Might Be Last Chance (To Be With Me)
(8) Love Finds A Way
(9) Are You Ever Coming Back To Me
(10) In La La Land
(11) Dreams Mean So Much
(12) Just Say No

All songs written and produced by: Jack Roux.
Published by: Jack Roux Music / BMI
(P)(C) 1998-2017 Jack A. Roux. - All Rights Reserved -

J  R..
R e c o r d s

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(C) 1999-2016 Jack A. Roux. - All Rights Reserved -


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1999-2017 Jack A. Roux. - All Rights Reserved -